Beware of Vegetables available in the market

How safe are the vegetables that we consume every day?


The bigger sizes of vegetables available in the market may look attractive, but you should think twice before purchasing them. They are the results of oxytocin hormones injected in fruits and vegetables to make them bigger and greener in comparison to normal natural sizes to attract the consumers.
Most of the fertilizers are expensive so farmers use hormone injections which are available at cheaper rates. Vegetables that have been grown with the help of chemicals or hormones will not show its adverse effect on human health immediately after consumption. But it can have an effect later. Unfortunately, there is no way to visually distinguish between a normal vegetable and one that's been pumped with oxytocin.

Besides oxytocin, there's other documented chemicals used to dress up produce in India, such as copper sulfate to artificially enhance the colors of fruits and vegetables and calcium carbide for quick ripening. Both are known to have negative human health impacts.


“To keep the body in good health is a duty…..
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

- Gautama Buddha

Effects of heavy metals and other chemical
ingredients of fertilizers

Continuous use of chemical fertilizers depletes soil quality. As a result, the food produced in these soils have less vitamin and mineral content.

Groundwater contamination.

Waterway Pollution 


Human health is at risk (Diseases)

-•- Cancer -•-   Disturbances in the kidneys, lungs and liver  -•-

-•- Vomiting -•- Headache -•- Nervousness -•- Gastric and stomach pains -•-

-•- Eye and skin irritation or itching  -•- Producing a burning sensation  -•- 

-•- Hemoglobin disorders -•- Flushing of the face and neck -•-

-•-  Uncontrolled muscle movements -•- Dizziness -•- Bloody diarrhea -•-

-•- Pneumonia -•- Mental impairments  -•- Osteoporosis and many others.

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