Pesticides and chemicals Free Ingredients.
More nutritious and healthy food.



Cooking under the supervision of professional chefs of the Institute of hotel management catering & tourism (IHMC), Udaipur



Every dish is approved by Department of food science & nutrition (MPUAT), Udaipur



All ingredients are sourced from organic producers.



Free delivery at subscribers doorstep.


About Madhyantar

Madhyantar provides chemicals & fertilizers free food, which is more nutritious and healthy. Madhyantar is offering food service to professionals and students. All the ingredients are sourced from organic producers and food is cooked under the supervision of professional chefs of the Institute of hotel management catering & tourism (IHMC), Udaipur. Every dish which is served in Madhyantar is approved by Department of food science & nutrition (MPUAT) who plans the menu for Madhyantar and also calculate nutritional contents of each dish.

We are pioneers in providing chemicals & fertilizers free food service which is easily accessible & manageable through mobile application. Food will be delivered at the doorstep of subscriber without any delivery charges. We provide 10 days menu cycle which will be uploaded on Madhyantar mobile app so that subscriber can know beforehand which dish is being served in lunch and what are its nutritional contents.

How it works?

Madhyantar delivers nutritious food cooked with pesticides & chemicals free ingredients. Simply download our mobile app and follow the steps:

Select Profile

Madhyantar offers lunch & dinner service to students & professionals. Select profile to see plans.

Choose Subscription Plan

Choose from our wide variety of nutritious meal plans at reasonable prices.

Select Delivery Dates

Simply pick your subscription plan and delivery dates. You’ll get convenient deliveries right at your door.


Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You'll be amazed by the tasty, home-like food.

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Benefits of
Chemicals & fertilizers free food. 


Nutritious food improves our mood, relax our mind.


More Energetic Body results in low health care cost.


Safe from Dangerous Pesticides and Scary Chemicals.


Benefited for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

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How safe are the vegetables that we consume every day?


Hormones injected in vegetables 

The bigger sizes of vegetables available in the market may look attractive, but you should think twice before purchasing them. Most of the fertilizers are expensive so farmers use hormone injections which are available at cheaper rates.


Use of copper sulfate and calcium carbide

Besides oxytocin, there's other documented chemicals used to dress up produce in India, such as copper sulfate to artificially enhance the colors of fruits and vegetables and calcium carbide for quick ripening. Both are known to have negative human health impacts.


Artificial coloring

Unfortunately, there is no way to visually distinguish between a normal vegetable and one that's been pumped with oxytocin.  

Sample Menu

Regular Meal Plan
Snacky Meal Plan
Economic Meal Plan

Diwani Handi + Dal Fry + Plain Rice + Roti – 4 (Greased with ghee)

Kadi Pakoda + Chana Masala + Jeera Rice + Roti – 4 (Greased with ghee)

Veg Biryani + Cucumber Raita + Mirch Ka Salan + Kesari Halwa

Schezwan Fried Rice + Manchurian + Kinchi Salad + Grilled Pineapple

Dal Maharani + Veg Pulao + Roti – 3 (Greased with ghee)

Paneer Butter Masala + White Rice + Roti – 3 (Greased with ghee)

This is sample meal plan, subject to change as per the availability of organic green vegetables. Actual meal plan will be uploaded in mobile application. For subscription and menu plans download Madhyantar mobile app.

Regular Meal Plan

Rs. 115 per Thali
  • 10 Days menu cycle.

Snacky Meal Plan

Rs. 140 per Thali
  • 10 Days menu cycle.

Economic Meal Plan

Rs. 95 per Thali
  • 10 Days menu cycle.

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